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Migration Specialties is a leader in the development of VAX and Alpha hardware virtualization software and specialized migration tools.

Alpha Virtualization

Migration Specialties Avanti and FreeAXP products virtualize legacy Digital, Compaq, and HP Alpha hardware, hosting it under Microsoft Windows® with no changes to the Alpha software. Avanti improves the reliability of legacy OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX applications while reducing their operating footprint. The Windows host environment can be fully virtualized under products such as VMware®. Alpha source code is not necessary and recompilation is not required.

VAX Virtualization

Migration Specialties provides virtual VAX solutions for DEC VAX hardware using SimH VAX hosted on Microsoft Windows. Like our virtual Alpha solutions, SimH VAX allows VAX VMS applications to be fully virtualized under products such as VMware® with no changes to the legacy applications. Source code and recompiles are not required.

Migration RPG

Migration RPG is an enhanced RPG II compiler for OpenVMS based on IBM RPG II specifications. It includes support for structured opcodes and external program calls. Designed to facilitate porting legacy RPG applications from DEC, IBM, Wang, Sperry, Burroughs, and other platforms to OpenVMS, Migration RPG is available on VAX, Alpha, and Integrity platforms.

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