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Defining Terms

  • Conversion
  • Rewriting an application in a new programming language.
  • Migration
  • Transfer of applications between dissimilar operating systems.
  • Port
  • Transfer of applications with minimal modification between similar operating systems.

VAX, Alpha, and Integrity systems running versions of OpenVMS from 4.0 through 8.4-2L2 are susceptible to a Command Definition Utility (CDU) vulnerability. The vulnerability allows a non-privileged user account to obtain elevated privileges that give it access to secured parts of the system. This article describes the problem and offers methods of mitigation.

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"Successful ports require careful evaluation, planning, implementation, and testing."

Application Availability

OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX Porting Services

Comprehensive porting services.

Migration Specialties offers OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX porting services between virtual and physical VAX, Alpha, and Integrity systems. Our porting services are designed to quickly transition your applications to new hardware. Our long history with OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX, our specialization in software migrations, and our dedication to quality significantly reduces project risk while assuring satisfaction with our services.

Porting Options

Hardware Options Effort Cost
VAX Virtual VAX
Virtual Alpha
Alpha Virtual Alpha

Migration Specialties will help you determine the best porting option. We provide specialized services to ensure successful ports.

VAX Replacement

You have three options when porting VAX-based OpenVMS applications:

Alpha Replacement

Two options are available to port OpenVMS Alpha systems:

Only one option exists to port Tru64 UNIX Alpha systems:

Porting Services

Targeted Services: Software ports are not something most companies engage in on a regular basis. Porting applications is an area where engaging outside resources with specialized skills makes good business sense. Migration Specialties provides expertise and experience targeted specifically at porting OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX applications. Engaging our services to plan and implement a port saves your business time and money.

OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX ports to a virtual system are generally straight-forward. In most cases, they involve no software changes. They require proper configuration of the virtual hardware, knowledgeable transfer of the operating system, careful transfer of the application data, the adequate testing of the ported system. Ports to virtual VAX and Alpha systems can often be completed in under one week.

Porting OpenVMS applications between VAX, Alpha, and Integrity hardware can also be a straightforward process. If the O/S and layered products on all platforms are at the same revision level, then the port should be a simple matter of transferring and recompiling source code, transferring data, and testing. However, even an ideal port needs to be planned and tested. If your OpenVMS systems are running older versions of the O/S and/or application software, then the porting process becomes more complex.

Software ports require evaluation, planning, implementation, and testing. Migration Specialties provides a full spectrum of in-house hardware, software, and expertise covering OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX porting needs."

Spectrum of Migration Specialtes Porting Services

Assess your current installation

  • Inventory hardware
  • Inventory software
  • Review operational procedures

Identify and resolve porting issues

  • Software incompatibilities
  • Unsupported applications
  • Transfer mechanisms and timing

Plan your hardware configuration

  • Processor requirements
  • Memory requirements
  • Storage requirements

Deliver the port

  • Install new hardware
  • Install O/S
  • Install layered products
  • Configure new system
  • Port application code
  • Transfer data

Justify the port

  • Cost out hardware, software, and maintenance
  • Evaluate options
  • Prepare and present findings

Determine the appropriate target platform

  • Virtual System
  • Alpha or Integrity Hardware

Plan the port

  • Identify hardware, software, and human resources
  • Develop a realistic project time line
  • Document the porting plan, schedule, and special requirements
  • Develop an Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)

Test the ported applications

  • Execute the ATP
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