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IBM S/3X Migration Tools & Services

Our System/3X Migration Services and Conversion Tools were originally developed for Digital Equipment Corporation as part of their VAXination Program targeting IBM System/3. System/34, and System/36 users. Migration RPG, VAX COBOL, and the System/3X Conversion Tools provide a comprehensive suite of utilities to migrate IBM midrange applications to OpenVMS. The suite can also be used to migrate RPG II and COBOL applications running in compatibility mode on IBM AS/400, iSeries, and System i to HP OpenVMS Integrity servers running OpenVMS.

S/3X Migration Assistance Service

Migration Specialties S/3X Migration Assistance Service places MSI's extensive IBM System/3, System/34, and System/36 migration expertise at your disposal. The kit consists of a set of documentation, consulting services, and software tools designed to help you successfully plan and complete an S/3X to OpenVMS software migration project. Review the S/3X Migration Assistance Service product description for details of the kit's contents.

S/3X Conversion Tools

Migration Specialties S/3X Conversion Tools are a suite of software utilities designed to assist in converting IBM System/3, System/34, and System/36 software applications to the OpenVMS environment. The utilities include a command language converter, data file converter, Menu and Prompt support, and numerous other conversion utilities. Applications converted using the S/3X Conversion Tools can be run under OpenVMS on VAX, Alpha, and Integrity processors. Review the S/3X Conversion Tools Product Description for details of the kit's contents.

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