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ASCII / EBCDIC Data Conversion

The CVTFILE Utility is used to convert fixed-length sequential files between the ASCII and EBCDIC data formats. The utility was originally developed to facilitate the transfer of data from IBM System/3X systems to OpenVMS systems. The CVTFILE Utility does not require special parameters to convert normal text and numeric data. The utility uses a user-generated translation parameter file to convert files containing packed-decimal and binary data.

The CVTFILE Utility is fully documented and easy to use. The translation parameter file can be created using any standard text editor. If the final version of a converted file needs to have a relative or indexed organization, this can be accomplished using the OpenVMS CONVERT command and an FDL description file.

In addition to the CVTFILE Utility, the CVTFILE Utility Kit includes the RDP ASCII / EBCDIC file dump utility and the CVTAPE Utility. The CVTAPE Utility can be used to read files from tapes created on the IBM System/36 using the SAVE command.

The CVTFILE Utility is available under OpenVMS on VAX, Alpha, and Integrity processors. Contact MSI for pricing and order information.

Other IBM Utilities

See our Migration RPG and S/3X Conversion Tools product descriptions for additional tools that support IBM applications and utilities under OpenVMS.

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